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Re: Accessory Slot - Can't Decide

I personally dont use damage charm. i use camo for leveling and for rockbelly, then i use rejuv necklace for all the others boss :D
With camo you wont never need hide skill :D :D thats why i use it, ans as im full dmg, i really need to keep hp, i have about 400hp sooo ....:lol: :lol:

Re: Accessory Slot - Can't Decide

Hello, i m lvl 91 and i personally use golden camo, so i dont need hide skill, i thin its better. :) ;) (In fact my regen is on my ranger) and i only use rogue for boss, but its really useful in fight to have camo so that you dont even have problems of mobs. :D And for pure DPS as me (400hp lol :rol...

Re: Beta Criterion @admin(s)

hello :!: :D oh Admin, so you can see how long and how much we play??! My idea has nothing to do in this post but it i think it could be fun if we can acces to our time of play! :lol: :lol: i really want to know how much time i played in the game lol :D thanks for reading, Fr3gryf, lvl 88 rogue Fr3m...

Re: Bank

Hie admin, i was wondering if these "bank place" wich are going to be in a future update could be Share between players of a différents account...as exemple for clan's bank? or if i want to share with others account of my family on the same device? Thanks for reading Fr3gryf, lvl 66rogue c...

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