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Re: Legacy Mount Vendor?

Lonepiper wrote:-1 in my opinion the legacy lux vendor of any kind is a bad idea, on Lugh the vendor cycled through old lux until some really undesirable lux appeared and now it's stuck, no one will buy the bad lux, so it might as well not be there :x

No worries, shop will get reset on server reset ;)

Re: Big difference in hits

One of the big issue;/ theorical stats are usually far away from true ones. The range variation will hardly change, tho u can work on the resist of the mob/boss using certain dmg type depending on the mob/boss resist, or using skills to weaken their resist/armor before hitting. Easiest way to keep t...

Re: Mounts

So, again, why not just offer a selection of mounts for platinum as a direct purchase. I have only been playing for a couple of months now and I am discovering a few too many annoying aspects, this being one of them. Makes one miss WOW a lot more when this BS happens. Lottery make people addict, th...

Re: apple to Android transfer

Interesting! Is there a link to an older thread discussing the cross platform logging in? I have spent a fortune on the 2.75 year old accounts i have, and am not incredibly interested in starting all over if i get a new device. I am looking for this link too. i recently got an iPhone 7 You aware th...

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