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Green glenmor top
Turquoise spidersilk top
Turquoise spidersilk legging
Some random color wigs ones sparkly
Ensorcelled orange spidersilk legging
Ensorcelled purple spidersilk mask

Just contact me ill be on everyday hopefully my ingame name is El Dorado leave me a mail or come find me ty guys :)

If every high lv could read this

Well today my friend hozdown got banned and it was because of all the hate from the other players and it was abit sad hes used a lot of money on his account and u guys just let tht all away from him and tht sucks for him for some ppl u might just think ill just make another account but thts not the ...

I'm selling

Hey guys fearless is my char i just wanna let u guys know I'm selling party crowns pink yellow orange turquoise -diadems 2 common 1 semi rare- res idols x100 and golden dagger venom idk bout crowns n diadems but idols 200g each and golden venom offer instead of replying on forums just come message m...

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