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Re: weekend

Only books i read are none._. And pjnub ima start watching sao series from start out of boredom now:-: i cant do that because... i remember it all still :lol: Same here just watching out of boredom.-. I got caught up with sao .-. Waiting on naruto ship on thurs and bleach chapter on sat (PLZ) :? Re...

Re: primal winterwing

Criminal wrote:^Because no one else has it, its from 5k posts if u dont have any other rank (admin, mod, guide, those 3 are above 5k posts but have ranks).

Good luck on 10k crim! See you in 2016 :D :lol:

Re: meep

Try the game the world of magic :) its got the server PvP atmosphere.

Re: weekend

Curry30423 wrote:Sooo ik otm working hard to fix crash bugs but if They are unable to fix the crash bug by this weekend what will u do without ch 0.o? I will probably play oac or archeage:s

Don't you have some homework to do? .____.

Re: How is everyone?

Device just came, installing and should I even install IOS 8.1.1 cuz I'm scared :shock: I'm studying for finals coming soon should be on sometime later. If not today then tomorrow and it's ok if I miss first few days!! I'm back baby Omg welcome back fashionista buddy! Glad to have you finally back ...

Re: Wing Mounts

PurpleRain wrote:^^ holy cow the speed on that baby must be insane

Anyone what do the 2 million ones give VS 1 million ones?

1500 evasion so 500 more. The skill is also boosted. 80 up to 85 speed and Regen up to 80! :D

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