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Re: Survivability build?

irok220 wrote:maxed fast refexes (increases dodge chance)
maxed lifesteal (heals...duh)
maxed smoke bomb (increases chance of you hitting)

strength until u have enough dps that u r happy with
2-1, dex-vit


Re: season finale

Curry30423 wrote:SAd :c hope they make sao 3 now...

Sao3 starring in FARMVILLE! Currito must save another damsel in distress named: Miss Piggy! :lol:

Hooray winter break! :D I could write a fan fiction off this ._.

(Edit: Auto correct is a Nazi)

Re: Jessy on Balor

Hai ik you! Seems you've changed your name! :)


How much will it cost to bundle my rogue insurance with my mount insurance?

Re: [FEEDBACK THREAD] iOS Destiny Engine & Yule (inc crashes

Not sure if this is a bug or not but when I somehow got in and used fireworks my toon froze in the position He was walking when I used them. Can't confirm if this was lag or a bug. It happens. When you use them a buff icon appears that talks about you "Gazing at awe with the spectacular firewo...

Re: weekend

Curry30423 wrote:No ch 8(?

Purple has to prioritize her life now that she's in college! 2 more years and I might have to put it down ._.

Re: weekend

Edgar Allan Poe - thats hard to read It doesn't fill me with joy like I'm a ball of sunshine nor cloud my judgement. It's not #1 on my book list but it still is a decent read. I do not recommend it for anyone who is highly sensitive to this level of dark speech. Good luck if you decide to try it. Q...

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