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Re: My Forum Resignation

Invaded, please go on your mage and do something with the money I mailed you. I've waited a good week and am concerned if you even knew about it. Anyway, can ya please send the money back please and thank you! It was for a golden quiver if you wanted to know. :) (Posting here since I doubt you'll ch...


Voldemort wrote:Happy new year from the UK! Gutted I couldn't go to see the fireworks - they charged £10 a ticket this year!

Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous 2015!

Couldn't see anything from your flat I take it? :/

Happy new year all! I doubt I can stay up :lol:


How's it anonymous with a forum username that has a name? Why isn't your name anonymous too? Laziness or just plain dumb!

PS: I doubt you'd have any impact to OTM when you don't have the brain cells to post in the right forum section. Redirect to Rants :lol:

Re: On Balor

If this is a debate can you post a separate topic on it. Me posting negatively as you put it has nothing to do with Balor itself. New players aren't going to be driven away from Balor for me going back ios with friends. I could see if I were saying bad things about the server, android or people on ...

Re: sao.

This is a dumb question, but what is Sao? Sword art online is a japanese TV show or commonly known as anime. It involves a virtual reality MMO with 2 seasons. The first season is more shocking and much more of a scare to it since it's mainly about a game where if you die you die in real life. The s...

Re: sao.

I got sick this past weekend and decided to break out the hot coco and the rest of Sao II (eps 17-24) Now, I already had a tissue box out because of my runny nose but I was dripping with some teardrops at eps 23+24. Pumped for season 3 and they better not screw with my emotions anymore!! :?

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