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Re: Gold Farming Spots?

Hello Everyone I really need to get some gold for a new quiver so what are some good farming spots? I am a ranger i have no area of attack damage and i an level 56 soon to be 60 when i do my quests and lix some more. Anyway i normally farm in Twisted Tunnels on everything and when i get to 70 i wil...

Re: Balor

Michael_XXX wrote:Be back very soon guys--- keep on waitin :)

Is Balor dead ?_? Hope not! Be sad for those who stuck around ;~;

Re: Bow of the Exile

Hack wrote:
Killall wrote:I have one offer
and I have a wand too offer

I just saw that it was a level 30 req and starts aren't the best is there a tier 2 weapon at 40 or 50 you might have that's a bow?

The tier 2 bow is called bow of the lizard king but it's level 90 :)

Re: Questions on Bullying

Bullying is everywhere, just trying to understand more why they do it. They do have anti bullying campaigns/ policies. More needs to be done. Not to be rude, but have you looked into psychology classes? Bullying I think could be looked at easier with some of that knowledge of thought, reaction, etc...

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