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Hehe the 1m ammy sucks oO The midn or 1m yule ( dex Version) should do it better I use both on 2 chars and i higiy recommend it you could also try to Change it for a better hehe but i run on sigils only 400hp 300en i also use 150 haste dagger with dex ammy and Cromraks rings pretty epic ss 4k in sta...

Re: NightLord clan recruitment

NightLord dont sounds friendly!
Ik ik says the chief of Dominance but i wish you and your clan the best! And maybe you see a Dom alt in it soon
If not i definatly deleted the app and or moved to new servers you never will find :))

Re: Let's do this biz

Luis wrote:I dont boss chase in rosmerta, only on other servers but i have a good time still, i have no social media so its like my fb lol

You on which servers ? Oo

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