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Re: New item drop locations

My friend got the blade of Duhblain (or something close to that) yesterday morning. It's a lvl 110 sword that adds 50 str and has a 5% proc chance. Mob that drops it has the same name as the weapon and is a 5* lvl 129 Blackstone warrior. Spawns in OW on the corner of ow entrance/fortress by chained ...

Re: Server kill number 50 of Bloodthorn... still no helmet

Yes but there's still a demand for every endgame main in epona for the helm, and I doubt that you could estimate how many mains average per raid in every server. 40 helms are ridiculous to "someone's" eyes but theyre class specific meaning it could be 30 druid helms and 10 etc. Ok, but we...

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