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Re: Ring Stats Question

Critical chance is not one of the options. Are you thinking critical skill by chance? You should absolutely not give up here + 5 double attack ring. Overall you don't want ability rings in your build. rings that add skill points are good, but things that add to critical strike, critical skill, schol...

Re: Ring Stats Question

Novex wrote:Question about a +200 treasure hunter ring. Is it worth using at al?

No. The chances for it to drop double gold are increased so slightly but it is not worth using. anything that adds directly to stat points or skill points will likely be drastically better

Re: YES Omg

On another awesome note... there' EVEN MORE rain in Shalemont! Lol

Could we at least have the River flood if it's gonna rain for actual years with no break?

Also could we maybe get a MacCroin fashion quest for galoshes, a poncho, a hood etc? And maybe full effect set gives you an umbrella?

Re: Death of the Event Chests

Idk about you but in 5-6 years i always remember one item chests...just me? Same in my 4-5 years. Also no memory of chests with any chance for 4 drops Curiosity of how many chests in those years have you actually opened? In my 7 yrs it’s been well over 14k chests ($500 every event, 2x a yr double p...

Re: Warrior blog

Any chance you have a YouTube channel? I would definitely subscribeand since I do most of my browsing for mobile it would make the videos play on the YouTube app.

Re: New item drop locations

https://i.postimg.cc/pXsKCF55/2-BFAA577-9-B8-B-4708-AF18-20-D7757-C5795.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/TPDmTN7n/66898971-2-B9-E-4-B9-E-89-F3-0-FC172-E76-C6-C.png Got this today. Thought I’d post just to clarify it doesn’t drop from any special 4* mob. Just a 4* curseweaver. Unsure if the 4* battlemages a...

Re: Gold Xfer

Just so you're aware beforehand, the transfer rate to get onto Epona can be pretty steep. I transferred at about two for one when I came here due to the fact that so many people want to come and almost no one wants to leave. That being said, I don't know that I can be very much help as far as the tr...

Re: Servers

Epona is always a good choice if you like rolling for drops and having everything available on the market. How are the clans on epona Because of epona's large active player base there are a lot of options. also, because a clan banner doesn't necessarily exclude you from any content, you can basical...

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