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Items gone.

I have lost my greater earthstone breastplate and leggings.

Also lost my connacht pathfinder breastplate and connacht vanquiser hat

All those items did just disappear :(

Can you please look at this. (It happened a while ago) :cry:

If somthing have been writting wrong... Im using my Phone :/

Re: New update

OTM Wulver wrote:
FurryPiglet wrote:Does this mean the 150 and 200 event bosses are being removed?

No bosses have been harmed in the making of this patch.

Re: Farming Guid Announcment

Chelseam2 wrote:Level 140 bogan trainer, always guaranteed to drop a ring. Some are good and expensive.

As someone said, hawkburst, way better than 10k a hour. You can make 10+ in 15 minutes if you count the chests.

I killed those in 3.5 hours ... Got 2 chests

Never gonna do That again.

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