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Best leveling build

Could KiyKiy or any of those beasts rogues post good lvling guild for lvl 120+? I'm pushing it to 150!
Post skills, gear and stats. (I got enough pots)
I need this asap


Divine broom of embers
Bloodlust helm
Rev ring health/energy
Rev bracelet health/energy
Sparkling yellow crown
70% carpet

Reaper ring.

List is getting bigger.
Ign RedScarlet

Help with build

I've currently tried alot of Builds, but none seems to work really well for me.
If anyone could help me make a good build for solo lvling.
I just want seriously feedback :D If you have any questions feel free.

Ss 28/25
Qs 25/25
Double attack 24/25
Riposte 25/25
Pw 16/25

Stats in picture.

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