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Re: BBcode Guide!

MoneyShot wrote:Gj liv nube :D. I don't understand how people can use the mobile version of the forums.... I can't stand it i use the full version on my phone. To me it looks nicer.

^ this.

Re: Dicing

Just for the record the people commenting here that it is impossible probably have no clue. The outcome of dice could be implemented so it is actually decided on the rolling parts device and sent via otm to all other players. If it is hack-able only OTM and the people who know the hack/security hol...

Re: Bye Mabonies

Alti wrote:What was your ign

It was: Mabon sucks

Class: Rogue
Name: (...) ... Ok name is xAnarchy, but don't spam me there. I also got another acc :P, If someone wanna know PM me. (Im playing in Rosmerta only!)

Clan: __

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