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Re: Scammer in Kudos

RogueGods.. wrote:Why cant we just stop really I havent been playin for months ik ik and seeing this makes me not wanna return speakin for prime kudos u guys know I been there good and bad I had my ups and downs normal rgs stuff but cmon now can we all get along
i saw u being a *** ing

Re: Goodbye guys

Skyler14SCHS wrote:nuuuuuu kola dont go .-. i coming back tomorrow :D and u werent total douchebag XD a few times i was to u also i gtg night (omg my grandmas computer sucks XD so many pop ups and viruses barely get on here)

if ur back i might log on and give u my stuff

Goodbye guys

Hey guys, i'll keep this short and sweet. I am quitting this game for good now. I would like to thank all of my friends i've made over the past 3 years. I never thought i would quit this game, but the sole reason for me leaveing is this little rivalry going on between kudos and prime. I'm going to g...

Re: xsfering

Hey don't know if I misread ur post but u posted in danu forums anyways I'm xfer ing from danu to arawn I got over 1 mil and a few mil in lixs and lux and if u view my arawn post I have people that will back me saying iam trust worthy ppl I've xfered with anyway let me know if interested why are yo...

Re: Server transfer

Hey all im looking to swap my 5 million gold on arawn for 4 million on danu. Pm me if you would be looking to do a swap, will do transfers of 100k back and forth until full amount is swapped. Might be willing to take items on danu for the gold as well as plat depending on offers. I could offer you ...

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