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Re: Str Rogues

Are you a str or a dex build and do you have str adding items ?
If you do not, the axe is better in any case
But to refer to my statement, As dex rogue you do not need any str adding items. :cry:


Str Rogues

To those who are below dragonlord or Exalted dragonlord amoury and who do not have the best engame equip yet, I can only suggest you, to use a solid dex build with low or none Str, Here some advantages of Dex -Defence ( less damage taken of hits, since they do not hit you that often with high def) -...

Re: Stat help

Oh and by the way do not do a " Stats Split" with 2 points here 1 there one there ..etc.. Thats ***, and ido not know who invented that but they seem to not be very smart, :P

My way and suggestion, No SPLIT - throw in 5 points on dex str or vit each time you level up,


Re: Stat help

Is strength more important than dex? No, not if you do not use smeaky attack or riposte, someone very wise once told me the rogue is not a melee class and he was right, we are a skills such called " Burst damage" class. Says : dex is the stats you should invest into, by the way dex also i...


Heard there is one Ranger on the whole world of celtic heroes whose able to take out redbane mini solo,
Looking forward to see that ranger killing any 4* place holder above level 100 :D


Re: Full Edl incl. Wepons

Congratulations MrScar! :) It is a big honor if Muldar personally gratulates you. :P Great job, we on Epona also got couple offhands now and we are proud on our small society of gods. Looking forward to kill Gelebron here. :P hope you guys aim for high goals too. In that sense, Greetings to the wor...

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