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Re: Gold worth

Every MMO has inflation which reduces the value of gold. 4 years ago, 250k would get you plenty of items, these days, you cant even buy one piece of decent lux, so it has already happened and been happening since. Gold sinks combat inflation, and slows it down, thats why we have lux items and mount...

Re: Gold worth

No, gold will never be at that point, perhaps Plat one day if the servers are filled with limitless plat items,
And Drops, since you know everything respawns...

Items will loose their weight in gold, and that leads to gold will not be needed that much anymore but the worth stays same 8-)


Re: Proud of Naruto

A number of players have reached levels beyond 230 which is an amazing accomplishment. In Belenus I am happy to congratulate one of my fellow clan mates for getting not only his main toon, Naruto (ranger) but his Druid and Mage to 230 as well. Keep up the great work and thank you for all that you d...

Re: Str Rogues

just sayin intro is 222 he knows bout rogues , ~Exe~ I just created this topic for those who are below endgame around thr levels 170-180 and who do not have the best equip or DragonLord amoury. Those who are not after boss kills, those relaxed players wich do not Start the game with the goal to be ...

Re: Str Rogues

friddoo wrote:I know it's not a topic for boss kills, but I'm still saying, if you use that gear your not going to get boss kills

Get Lost :twisted:

Re: Str Rogues

BlackMamba wrote:
friddoo wrote:Great combo if you don't want kills lol

should give plenty of mord kills at least

I get kills, finito
And this topic is not for people who want to kill Bosses, it is for solo rogues, :lol:
But great try friddo.


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