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Re: Snorri 6* - Duoed

Criminal wrote:Could be that the one who xfered u out of Belenus wasnt the original in the first place. Regardless, BowDaBoss is a bought account by this person.

It could have been his brothers account ...

Re: Snorri 6* - Duoed

Legislative wrote:dont want to be a hater but thats not duoed, i told ronin before you are no good - definateli defending my clan here you are the type of guy who wont get far in CH,

Aka Mendel


Re: Mordris Stats

Muldar plays Celtich Heros Go...
Unbelivable he catched a wild Mordris and did not even got lvled up...what a loser this Moledar is :lol:

Ps. muldar...set up a private Beta and lets hang out... :D


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