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Re: Highest Lifesteal

So he chooses a higher damage skill over lifesteal and therefore uses pots. I don't understand why you used a laughing emote or because his rogue uses pots that it is somehow inferior. if he uses pots to kill something and i can kill with no pots then my build is clearly better for soloing four sta...

Re: Highest Lifesteal

But your build is near useless on bosses. Skill damage trumps all when it comes down to the nitty gritty of rogues at boss fights dex rogues are not about dps they are about support. the dex rogue is not for every one and they suck to level because leveling is all about dps and they are stuck with ...

Re: fire or ice at high level

Furying please provide the "math" you have done. ice for short fights , fire for longer fights. it makes perfect sense. what is not to understand? both are good, depending on how you use them. fire does more damage ice does less damage it makes perfect sense. what is not to understand? fi...

Re: The power of focus

she said it is worthless which means about the same thing.

there are no things that are differences in opinion.this game runs a certain way, not a different way for every person.
she explains how dex and strength are worthless

she is right in every way!

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