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Re: Castle noobs

Usually i just accept the trade, and if nothing happens in 10 secs I cancel. Every now and then you will get a nooblet that just places in items and gold, hits the ready button, and gives them to you! Although I have never understood what compels then to do this, I have enjoyed the extra 500g in my...

Re: I cant decide, please help

calleu wrote:
Megalodon wrote:Thanks for all the feedback and i think ill stay with rogue and im probably gonna make an real alt when im higher lvl and have money enough to it.

I'd say get your main into a good clan and reach 180-185+ THEN make an alt

Im in the best clan in lugh

I cant decide, please help

First off, i want to say that i have played all classes above lvl 80(not much but i know how to play them). Right now i got a rogue at lvl 109, a druid at lvl 82, a mage at lvl 55, a ranger at lvl 107 and a warrior at lvl 25. Dont even brother to think about if i got enough gold, becasue i am able t...

Should I?

I have a rogue at lvl 109 which I farm gold with, I can get about 20k-40k a day, depends how much I play. I also have a druid at lvl 82 or 83, and a mage at lvl 54. I have a golden dagger of venom, about 60k gold and energy ring, all the lux i have. I dont know what class to be. Im thinking of warri...

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