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Re: Event historians

Ok so its 2012, though it is unmarked. And I feel a little better about only being 151 lol. I might still be one of the slowest levelers around :) I've been playing for almost 3 years now and im lvl 111... And i got a druid qt lvl 83, a mage at lvl 68 and a ranger at 108. But i have been on and off...

Re: Cool Name?

I am pretty sure that on Android, each character has 2 names, separated by a space. Not completely sure though, because I don't really look at Android forum, and I don't have an Android. I am 99% sure that on android you can have one or two names. One space inbetween two letters or none if you want.

Re: Hybrid

Kobe24 wrote:Instead of having a +4 rupture ring should i put +5 def form ring

+4 on rupture is probably better if you dont use def form.
In total you have +9 on rupture then.
Way better than +5.

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