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Re: Mage tanks?

i go with heaps of vit approach in tanking with my mage. i also have a lvl91 warrior set up as a tank but somehow. i have no idea why this is, they take the same mellee damage. no idea why. i didnt mean to become a tank it just happened. it works though. the druids in lugh dont seem to notice much d...

Re: Mage tanks?

i am that magetank. i used no pots just had good healers. i can also tank all of the stonevale bosses. i have full warden, so same resists as everyone else. i use mighty spirit shield to aid my armour. my cloak dishes out 80-120 damage every half a tick, i think that it is good dps and never lose ag...

Re: Mages please post feedback

Ok what about an ice spell like chillis frostlance. I would Mind if it cost 700 energy. But did the damage of chillis froastlance. Also adding firestrike. Same deal as frostlance. Cool down time coukd be 2 minutes but a spell that does that much damage would be worth it. Just a thought Darvmage lvl8...

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