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In reply too :D

"I don't own a device? I have better things to do with my life at the moment. And my device crashes far too much. I don't shadow myself behind a video game in my closet like you do. Come out already. I'm really over this game for now until I get extra money to buy myself a new device. Until the...

Re: To iamxox

Liviticus wrote:
eda wrote:I havent seen iamxox forever

Neither have I

Liviticus doesnt even play and never past 150, he hasent even seen aggy

Re: Connach amour

lol yay bitey used my picture lol, the full frozen fighting castan

Also i sold my full pathfinder i had bought before the update for 75% less then what I bought for, thanks otm

Re: Unity is recruiting new players!

Why do you need people with good morals? Youre a training clan for Res. And lol. You being angelle should be the last person advertising this. And Angelle isnt even your real name isn't it Scott? Dont worry Angelle, this guy barely plays and doesnt own a device so i mean, he gets his info from idio...

Now that i think about it

I enjoyed playing the old cartoon engine when it was smooth simple and good looking for an ios game, now i feel like im playing the laggy version of an over complicated TOO MUCH SHADOWED version of Order and Chaos, which is a better game if you want the above.

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