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Re: 2m giveaway

for the record i quit after exploiting and gave away my unfathomable once (check youtube) and came back later lolz

2m in giveaways!

hey guys, herne giveaway for all you hungry b*******s :D its preety straight forward and its not even hard to enter.. ill be givin away lots of gear n gold which may even be valued over 2m on herne including: 1m summer ammys, haste rings, 150 offhands, sks lixs anchient idols and more. EDIT: 2nd pla...

Re: 1m giveaway!

Loco cola wrote:
PixelRage wrote:say??hi?i?like?pie??responding?to?this?post?for?a?free?spectral?talisman?of?midnight??haloween??have?found

Send me a pm for prize im playing archeage

same here playing archeage on lucius (world) im lvl 50 :D (55 is cap)

Re: Where the noobies go?

archeage has been released for 9 or so months now and in that time the cap was 50, and has now been changed to 55. in 9 months ch cant release an update but when they do the cap is increased by so much its stupid, and an excuse for you to NEED to pay them for super knows. i dont wanna compare archea...

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