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Re: Reset

To echo what Smeagle said, look more closely at the spelling of the clan name above his head. He's not in Ascension and we don't control what he does. :roll:

Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

TheWind wrote:Im here still wondering what happen to unbreakable. I remember it more peaceful when it was unbreak vs prime but there was still fighting.

Unbreakable merged with Honour to become Kudos.

And Ascension is still Prime, just under a new clan banner.

Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

Ascension doesn't condone dicing and we are not to be held responsible for what two indivduals choose to do with their own lux or gold. Dicing is done at your own risk. Also, in my personal opinion, unlesss gold was physically traded and not returned then I don't see it as a scam, just someone refus...

Re: Worst server?

We wait for Snorri to spawn and opposing clan call our minority players Monkeys. We have reported this several times. Danu is unique is in that acts of malice have crossed the personal boundaries. Players who have been brave enough to reveal personal mental illness diagnoses have been trolled over ...

Re: Low level taunt glitch??

I don't believe that this is a glitch in any way. This happened on Snorri. Snorri does 'Body Slam' which wipes the aggro table. It's quite possible that the high level tank had their aggro table wiped by Body Slam, and then simply by chance 'missed' the next taunt or two. Snorri is difficult to reg...

Re: Prime selling DL

Tipical prime gen artitude. Do it our way and Dont bother asking questions. All the Gens and guards are geared up. The gens sell dl or take donations to give out. Under control is a great description, Smeagle. So is fooling your members. You need to ask yourselves why members feel forced to pay and...

Re: Prime selling DL

None of our generals are selling dl drops. This was done as a joke, screwing around with one of our former members just for a laugh. In hindsight it probably wasnt the best idea of a joke, but people dont always think in the moment. The gold on newstuff was collected two ways: people in Mordris kill...

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