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Re: Demonheart items in chests

All previous fashion sets/barding have always been removed from the next chest and replaced by new. This really needs corrected because the chests are getting worst with every new event and becoming extremely off putting. Also, I would love to see new vendor fashions because for several events now w...

Re: New item drop locations

Do you mean BT’s south root? Like the add it’s self? Its the two 5* root mobs North and South of bloodthorn. Well that sucks not gonna lie. I thought “special” and “rare” mobs will spawn when we kill the normal ones and those special ones are supposed to drop the new gear. Well rip, there goes anot...

Arcane Broken in Danu

Called to set up for a Gele raid. Asked to pull eye...we could damange mobs .mobs can’t damage us. Everyone is severely lagged. Gelebron is taking damange without crystals being downed or attacking us. Someone said Bloodthorn is being the same. https://i.postimg.cc/02C091fh/71-F0513-E-42-A9-4156-AD8...

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