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Re: DG sets on your server

Sockthief wrote:
Wardon-CH wrote:
Romeo wrote: No hahaha I'm just kidding. I actually don't know how many is on my server I'm done with end game. Actually I'm on Arawn which I think LadyNemeria is on so 25.

LadyNemeria is on Donn

If you mean ladynymeria she’s on danu

^ :lol:

Re: Recipe stats

Thecaviar stats are wrong i think? Thought it was 240 dex and 100 piercing dmg for normla. Not 240 and 240, becuz an exquisite ir perfected at 360 pierce dmg or 480 pierce dmg would be literally insane and those autos would easily go up by like 8k dmg or smthin. That's possible, if it was nerfed si...

Re: Mord helm/DG aura


They keep the edl aura so they do help save illusions. Those helms are old content dropping off a boss for level 180s and shouldn't work with armour that's for level 215+ end game players. It's about progressing and moving forward... not taking short cuts to get there.

Re: Golden candles

I kind of give up. I wanted the purple version but Golden's are a fools errand (at least I was wearing my jester fashion as I was on the mission). I'd prefer a system similar to how the ling vendor was last year for nodens: so require a specific amount of regular candles to equal maybe 1 golden then...

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