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Re: Clan Owned Gear

Man that's rich. Justifying hoarding by claiming it represents your achievement. Lol youre one funny guy It doesn't need justified. We earned it and if we want to hoard it away from the rest of the server then we will. And on another point, love how you think people can't have the sense of ownershi...

Re: Clan Owned Gear

Hoarding is just amassing money and objects of value to hide or store away. So yes it is hoarding. Is the hoarding done for a purpose? In this case your suggesting it's to stifle competition. But it is still hoarding. Killing a boss and storing it does not have any deleterious effects whatsoever, s...

Re: Clan Owned Gear

Same argument could be made against the clan in question. If a player wants to leave to the rival clan because he/she isn’t having fun anymore then why should they have to return gear? Why would they get a bad label for doing so? They worked hard for the clan, provided their services for the clan, ...

Re: So it DOES exist

Chaotic wrote:Love that 6 years after the boss comes out it finally drops when it is alost completely obsolete besides on a locker :lol:

:lol: you have a point lol but it's still awesome to see one.

Grats guys.

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