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Re: Cattacomb Charm Fashion

No. Back in the day one of the most fun parts of opening chest was tryin to collect the rare event fashion. Otm ruined the thrill of collecting fashion by introducing Aeon. Let the charms remain rare collector items ... Lux shop items shouldn't be in chests imo. I'm also tired of the recycled conten...

Re: New Recipes Coming Soon?

I wanted my birthday cake recipe suggestion :cry:

+1 to particle/event recipes

+ 1 to slash recipe from mage

+ 1 for better caster foods that are ability or direct dmg.

Make a recipe for the golden carps or change it's misleading Description.

Give us the ability to cook our own pet food!

Re: Witch Dead

I don't know how the participation drops are going to work but I had to switch toons to avoid the AOEs from pets/casters .. hope that still counts ._. If VR's goal is to create a server boss that brings us all together to kill it, it should be in a [new] cross server zone. If goal is to have us all ...

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