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New Update Coming Soon

As a tester with the release of the newest build I can only assume that the update is well on its way. Now my question is will the summer even bosses be removed with update? Like Crommack? I personally feel you are releasing the updates prematurely. The last update I couldn't play for 3 days from th...

Re: Write a poem or rap here!

Do you hear that? no its a quiet thread Either your hiding or your skills are dead I remember a time of rap and battle Calling for an uprise strap youself to the saddle Rap back for minute have a little fun Until you beat me your never done Im a tester now for CH android That engine compared to this...

Re: Android Celtic Heroes

On another note if you do happen to see this message Richard(admin) or any other forum administrator I beta tested update 3-4 on apple and have plenty of experience with you guys on this case I have a more modern android device that is an actual android not that Samsung stuff and I would be an asset...

Android Celtic Heroes

I haven't played since I moved over to android and was just wandering when if at all there was a time frame on the release into the android market? If so will it start off with the basics like CH did or will it have everything CH on apple has?

Re: Attempt on Hrungnir

What I find hilarious is that anyone takes the time to sit down and spend 2 hours and 20 min playing a hand held game stairing at a small screen. Its a mobile game the full purpose of mobile games is to play on the go. Seeing as the game is being moved to andriod and there are simulators for the com...

Update on the New Engine?

To my knowledge the new engine was to be released about 3 months after the release of update 4. I know that that timeline hasn't yet been reached I was just curious on how the process is coming? What is the timeline until the new engine release? How long do you predict the servers to be down while t...

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