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Re: time to level?

Rogue can lvl very fast especially if you have the right build. It wouldn't hurt to take a trip to Corrowmore Tunnels and ask a lvl 120+ his build for lvling. Then again it also takes dedication and now day a respectable level is 130+ to me anyways. If you do happen to join Balor don't listen to the...

Re: Anyone Kill Aggy Yet?

I'm not very big on the server to server access due to the fact that alpt of the android players may leave their current world and join a world that is more populated with better chance for growth. This will cause some of the current stronger clans in these world's to wrkken of not fall apart all to...

Anyone Kill Aggy Yet?

My server seams to be shrinking noone has full frozen yet I'm 3 crests away. And our attempts on aggy have miserably failed. I run a clan with 4 140+ players 1 is 173 and I'm 150. There are only 3 other active 140+ plus players and they are all in different clans. The problem for any boss on our ser...

Re: Fan fiction Competition

The Gods That Forge a Heroes Path It was always my fate to be a tool for the gods. I am a Celtic Hero, ever since the sea god Lir sent my ship crashing into the rocks. I washed up on the beach disoriented and weak I climbed to my feet. Standing in front of me was Morrigan. She wanted me to serve the...

Re: Fan fiction Competition

The Gods That Forge a Heroes Path I want to clarify that I did do some research on the Deity's of the Celtic Mythology before add in it into my own story if you'd like I can source my information. I chose to leave some gods out such as Rhiannon she is the goddess of fertility. The point of my story ...

Re: New Update Coming Soon

I would appreciate some acknowledgment from Richard or Wulver it seams that the android discussion thread gets less attention than the iOS section.

Completely understandable based non a size of community per server but I still feel we should get some sort of resp once once in a while.

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