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Re: Tzunami

im just curious, what has Danny done to being unban? What did he just give free edl/DL pieces away to bribe himself in? I haven't seen a change except arena killing.... Was arena killing all he was banned for?


Taking offers on the following: White spectral wolf mask Mighty spider helm (50str/dex 150 cunning) Greater frost helm of wild valor (400 spear 40 armour 250 atk 400 wounding evasion) class ranger Lesser midsummer bp Lesser midsummer legs Lesser midsummer ring Grand sneaky attack charm (15 str 120 c...

Re: Tzunami

Can't always build trust that easy.... However you were never mean to me and I don't like to believe rumors so to me you're okay. I hope my vote helps, +1 for me

Re: First full mage edl set

This is what I don't understand. There is no bragging of Rey being first edl set (grats and happy bday) nor there should be an argument of how it can be gotten effortless because if it were to be effortless don't you think more mages would have it? Grats neero on warrior set also:) and raijin, I un...

Re: First full mage edl set

ok, if this isn't an indicator of your true nature than I don't know what is. I see you result to personal attacks to try and put me down. Never would i tell someone to get a job to buy a device. that is extremely low and uncalled for. for the record i can buy a new device, but i really dont care t...

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