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Re: why complain?

Let me tell you what it's like to play as a druid. You are going to go out and solo level, because no one wants to group with you. So you have the perfect build for soloing, and some of the best gear/lux for your level. You cast bark on yourself. Then you pick your mob, and cast howling wind on him...

Re: Afk farming

Sophia wrote:Lol this brings me to a thing that 2 years ago there was a person that bought a robot for clash of clans to make him be online for hours and the bot would top screen ever 10 seconds.. Then he got banned

Jorge Yao i think his name was :)

Re: chest discount

Sad moment when people save their $100 all the way to double plat and try to juice every cent out of it because that's the only way to be able to enjoy the money spent. Everything is just too expensive and levelling requires far too many resources. It's crazy that in order to "beat the game&qu...

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