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Re: Rivalries and Hate

Very ironic lol! And people scam in game so they can get bette fast but i think that is just wrong. I dont have the stomach to take from others. I have no idea why people arent nice but i give noobs some gold to help them start :)


What are the main skills to use? I am a lvl 110 ranger trying to figure out best skills and what to upgrade the most. Any suggestions?


I am a lvl 120 ranger looking for a significant place to farm. I want a place that drops very good items and givea reasonable gold per kill. Any suggestions!?!

Re: Rangers too weak?

Hello, i am a lvl 110 ranger currently doing a massive lvl push. Rangers do have less major dmg skills an i agree rogues have tons of skills and stuff. On the otherhand, ranger is the best boss hunting class cuz of the bolas ability. Also, in the beggining rangers might seem underpowered but in the ...

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