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coming back

I am just coming back to Celtic Heroes and I am making a new account. My new acc name is tambo7. 8 months ago my lvl 135 ranger was hacked named tambo722 so i quit because my hardwork went right down the drain which pissed me off so much. My question is does anyone remember me? Its always fun to see...

Re: Winterking spear value

put these messages in private messages and dont make the kid feel bad that everyone is fighting for a simple quest. I dont know the spear value in Lugh but the bow winterking is 50-200k. The 200k might be highest in my world cuz somebody who prices things at highest value said it was 200k.

Re: What world

Lugh is a nice world. although there r many scammers and tons of poeple who bargain what they buy. There are some very kind people who help you out when you are a low lvl. For example, blackbowz is very nice and gave me a greater sunfire charm of light heal and sharp shot. Natedog is giving me an ad...

Re: Dont Know What To Do!!

Quests do get boring and thats why i stopped doing quests after unlocking the otherworld salesclerk. At you rlvl, quests are most important part of the game because it will help you level without lixes and it will help you obtain gold so u can get heroic ammy :D :D :D

Re: Adamant or Meteoric Bow

a 300 atk speed is not a big diff, the adamant bow does 24 more dmg which is better because 300 speed isnt that great. the 300 bow ability will add 300 atk and the mete bow adds 50 atl. the only diff is the nergy which adamant does not give. Adamant is cleary better by the stats.

Re: Rude people

The way i remeber u were ksing her while she was farming FIRST....now i donno bout u but id be pretty upset if someone came into my zone and started taking kills...sewers is a HUGE area, woulda been more mature for u to just move somewhere else. Now sorry if im comming off as harsh but i dont appre...


Grats lugh on kill, i wish i was there to witness what has happened and i congradulate everyone who helped and organized.

Lvl 112 ranger, ign tambo7,world lugh
proud guardian of celtic plmps

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