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Best team in the NFL? i think its the patriots and i can explain if needed :) curious on what others think

offhand question

Which is a better offhand for my build, arcane dagger of haste (100 dmg, 150 dex, 20% haste) or an axe (120 str and 250 dmg)? my stats without any equips are 155/140/30/200 and with equipment its 215/205/45/215; keep in mind i have a trident so if i switch offhands i lose 45 dex and str. My skills a...


what is the price for greater ring of ss in this world? i am selling one. if you would like mail me @tambo7

solo lvling at 63

My first question is where should i level and my second question is what skills should i use? At the moment my stats are str 106 (152), dex 83 (129), foc 22 (23), vit 129 (130). i have a magic trident which gives a regen of 15 per tic for energy and health and then the 45 dex and str with 100 mag dm...

rogue situation

I am a level 44 rogue and i have come to a problem. I finished all the shalemont quests except for the Defector. Since im level 44 i need to reach lvl 50 to start stonevale quests so i decided to level with no lix. during this i realized that im losing health easily, im not killing monsters fast eno...


I am sorry I am new to rogue and my question hasnt been answered going through the topics. What does Ability do? (dagger ability, heal ability, etc) my dagger is 158/310 cuz i just started my rogue. Would really appreciate an answer, thanks :D

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