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Energy pots -.-

So what one of you forum trolls thought it was a good idea to tell otm to make eng pots drop from event chests but forgot to tell them to make them drop in equal amounts as normal potions -.- ? Not happy right now. Not happy at all. Can we just collectively agree that this was a fail and up the amou...

Re: Tower Guards

Mangan wrote:As the quest develops in The Otherworld with the next release you may start to understand why they are all so tarnished.

... but you'd be interested in some charms, eh? We'll see what we can do. ;)

I love this post, it's so mysterious :0

Event Dex Nck Proc

I think otm has the numbers on the dex neck wrong it says dose 1500 pierce damage but I believe it's supposed to say 2000 pierce damage. "Iam wording this post like this in hope that they change the txt and not damage that clicky dose :)" sooooo ya.... This made me happy to find out :)

Re: WHy lock the reform disputes?

Well will you plse refrain from allowing global moderators to threaten to bann anyone posting on said topic for a week? I've been trying to help fuel a rebellion and the personal opinions of people in seats of moderator power is affecting my Celtic Heros game play.

Re: WHy lock the reform disputes?

This is something I myself have been curious about for awhile now. It happens so often Iam starting to wonder if muldar is just getting bombarded with Flaggs on the topic and just locks them so the alerts stop. Or if he has his own personal agenda on said topic -.o

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