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Re: sharpshot

yakat wrote:If a rogue went full strength shadowstrike would be garbage. You need to put Dex to make a Dex based skill strong.

Says the guy who doesnt have a rogue.

Re: Sharpshot is so underrated

Eliminater wrote:There has been a godly sharpshot mordy bracer in the Avalon bank for months, it dropped on of our earliest mordy kills lol

Go ahead and tell me how great *** is

Try donating it to the next most dominant clan. They will give it back.

Re: High level players in lugh

I've been at necro. If anyone wants to watch, then try to get to the corners of the square pitch on which necro and his little friends( :) ) are on. And get on the other end from the side necro has been taunted to. His aoe doesnt reach that far. And this comes from a lvl 116. :D only reason i know t...

Re: Isn't this better than DL?

Xp charms are so rare. I saw only 1 xp charm in the whole game. On my world, I heard there is only 4 xp charms (I could be wrong) and that they are on inactive accounts. Shame that some very rare items are on inactive accounts. Xp charms exist? The bosses that drop them should be reintroduced for p...

Re: obsidian bow usage

Try to use longshot and doubleshot with bow, then switch to warden/diamond/any bow u got and use rapid. Dont use sharpshot. My dps has increased cause i left using it.

Re: starting a boss build ranger

For bossing, particularly soloing you should use these skills.. some are an option others a must.. Bolas: MUST Lite Heal: MUST (in my eyes, others may disagree) Rapid Shot: Optional Double Shot: Optional (recommended) Longshot: Optional Steady Aim: MUST Sharpen Weapons: Optional At level 151 I use ...

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