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Re: How to avoid getting WREKT in pvp

Okay so I agree OP was not bragging, he was just trying to be helpful by sharing some of his experience. Heres a little ranger/warrior comparison yakat that you might appreciate and you may even be able to be included in the conversation. :) One day I was on Napol with a warrior friend of mine in t...

Re: Rangers vs Rogues

Wow this is a great topic. Very good points from both sides. I'll put my two cents in. First off, im a lvl 192 ranger with dl bow and and quiver and have been playing ranger for awhile now. Now im going to go through a lot of different points with different topics on the matter. I will bold the tit...

Re: Sharpshot is so underrated

yakat wrote:Why? They didn't organize the raid or use the plat. Shouldn't help those who won't even help themselves.

Well dude, the sharpshot bracer, if used by a lvl 90, may help that ranger, above lvl 100, *** is useless.hits lower than auto on dex build. The lvl req makes it worse.

Re: what's your favorite CELTIC HEROES class and why?

Sorry but pretty sure ive never met a ranger who has spent $500 on just pots so they could solo to lvl 180. Rangers are not as bad as you say they are. Rogues are nt op, they die so much, yeah they have awesome dps but thats what they are made for. Rangers are made for horrible damage with good sur...

Re: Defensive spikes buff

I just realized, why do rangers not have a str based equivalent to assassinate or sneaky? Because their dps shouldn't match rogues with their increased survivability. It however, does match on endgame bosses. Perhaps a nerf? :lol: How is that funny? Finally our presence can be felt at a boss and u ...

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