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Re: Recent ksings from avy alts

Lol, it wasn't ks... I was the mage that finished the defector( greywall). Why even worry when greywall spawns all the time:/( I kill place holders for fun) I mean if I saw someone killing some boss I needed, I wouldnt be angry because it would be my fault for being unprepared and not finding it fa...

Re: Ckuta botting?

He's probably a new boss u will meet, the necromancers son muahahaha and he will take his fathers vengeance, if you see him ur character will turn into stone and ur character will automatically be deleted :0

Re: Grand Sneaky! :D

I got a royal one for 5 combos ;( but now I can't equip it since I'm using comrak rings to buff my stats and a haste ring, and sneaky won't help me as much :,((((

Re: looking to buy charm

xanderace wrote:
AchillezX. wrote:
xanderace wrote:Lol! I just don't care if you're rude or not. I will keep bugging everyone.

Being a **** wont make yours any bigger bud, because you sure sound like one. :wink:

Thanks for the much needed judgement. You must feel like a god sitting on that pedestal. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ty ty

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