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Re: New arena glitch/hack

I reported him several times for valid reasons.. Never got a reply, but when a whole world wants one specific player to be banned, there is clearly something wrong. I've never met anyone near as an abusing, annoying, childish twat like him in real life nor on the interwebs. Banning this kid would pu...

Re: Sulis Players, Introduce Yourselves!

Played since Yule 2012, was a newb all of update 2 in ONshotE, joined Nadeje's Endure on early update 3 which was later renamed to SulisLegends, after that clan collapsed me and a few friends created OT which later joined Genesis lead by Hellrzr. Level 190 rogue, IGN RobertsRogue. Not a very friend...

Re: wondering best duo classes?

If you want to level cheaply, use your higher level warrior to tank mobs who would do a lot of damage on your rogue/mage/... alts (trolls for example) The warrior needs to be outside group with enough points in taunt. Another nice thing about this is that your tank will do some damage too. Thanks to...

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