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Re: Your Best Jokes

2 brunette sisters went to pick up a bull they were purchasing from a farm. They brought $500, and the Bull cost $499. Only then did they realize they didn't have a trailer to bring it home. They went to the nearest pay phone they could find, dialed their other sisters number (she's blonde), and the...

Re: What mage?? I make

I am currently using a sweet ice build: Ice attunement: 25/25 Ice shards: 22 (26)/25 Ice blast: 20 (25)/25 Lure of ice: 12 (15)/25 Fire bolt: 20/25 Energy boost: 12/25 (50 regeneration) Lure of assassins: 6/25 Recuperate: 1(6)/25 (just for extra regen) I have basic gear, full celestial armour except...

Re: character

My main char is a mage, and I named it ThePeriodic. Why? Because mages use elemental spells, I thought of the periodic table of elements, which led to ThePeriodic.

Re: Ever have a strange dream?

One of the best dreams I've ever had was being able to fly just like Godzilla said......the weirdest....well... I was trapped in a completely white open, endless space with the tube things like on the roof of a grocery store everywhere. The wierdest part was I was being chased by Larry and Bob from ...

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