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Re: Is it normal?

I've played since Samhain 2012, and my main (mage) is only level 112. I don't buy platinum, so every elixer or luxury item I have is from painfully farming enough gold lol.

Re: Random ideas

Flying charms for the miscellaneous slot: gives you a flight effect.

Wardens offhand: for the first wardens set.

Dusk/dark/spiritshadow weapons.

Re: The Legend

I have also played OOT and Wind Walker, it was a really hard time choosing TP, but I chose it because of the memories while I played it. But they all were great games.

The Legend

Do you like the Legend of Zelda? If so, what is your favourite game?
Mines either Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword, I can't decide.

Re: Hog Warts students

I would do it. As a kid, I've hoped and wished and dreamed about getting into Hogwarts(even though I knew it wasn't possible). I would leave it for 7 years, because you get to come home every summer, and it
would be worth it.

Re: A Recap of Old Post : )

I've got it! Lol. In the energy bar, there are more distinct inscriptions. Using the Anglo-Saxon alphabet ( http://history.parkfieldict.co.uk/anglo-saxons/anglo-saxon-writing ), I was able to decipher what the energy bar says. It says "HEROES". There are similarities between the language t...

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