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Solo lvling build for future.

hello dear mages! I am trying to get my mage to 150 in next weeks but solo lvling turned so hard, tho i will have a lvl partner for the next few lvls i will need a solo build where i can do some lixes without using 90 pots a lix lol, i have seen some mages on other worlds with shield and some other ...

Re: Quitting the game

ive already told you but best of luck in real life :)
was a amazing time playing with you here all the way up to 191 and dragonlord.
Thanks for youre support when ive started playing and thanks for the support and frienship we showed to each other after we moved here :)
Hau rein und Good luck :-D

Re: Guilty till proven innocent

eyo jaw, it happens man but good news, the way myth plays these days leads into not being able to kill necro as other servers so dont worry. there will always be other servers yoiu can play on, if you take a look at myths leadership you will see the way they will go in update 5. if you are innocent ...

Re: Axe or dagger of bounty

altho im tank now not dps anymore i must defend what ive said since months. get that dagger idiots. lvl a 130 alt mage and stop complaining about pierce dmg :-D dps incerase is absolutely worth it in my opinion. DAGGER FTW

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