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Back on ios

hello i am SlenderClone.
not sure anyone remember me. im back to ios. finally got an ipad.
can someone tell me what is happening in server?



Foc of seer lvl100,pm me in game Necrophos or here thx~~~

Xfer stuffs and goodies

Here to android server Fingal Fashions -red and green spidersilk set -purp/yellow ardmair top,purp ardmair boots,sunbound red ardmair bracer,purp frostbound hat Offhand and jewel -aggy book hp lvl110 -haste dagger lvl150 -dps ammy lvl150(carrow one) -shield of rampart lvl150 Pm me in forum or in gam...


Buying master grimoire pls pm me in game ty :)


Re: Just a few questions

Druid solo leveling for me i think its fine because my previous server still solo leveling even when im lvl150+, depends on how u ply (unless u wont get gangbanged by enemies then its fine) ... :)

Tranfering server

Name in IOS Lugh server: Slenderclone lvl190+ warrior

From lugh to Fingals

Name in Fingals: Necrophos

I have some luxes as well so feel free to pm me...

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