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Wanting to xfer gold from danu to nuada for gold/chests at a reduced rate. Have 650k+ in danu I dont plan on using. thanks

Coming back

Hey members of Danu Switch here and i havent played in around 2 years i believe and gave away all my lux away and event items back to clan before leaving. But im looking into buying some plat and coming back to Danu and Celtic Heroes. I am currently locked out of my main account because i dont remem...

Re: Danu

danu has decent economy now, pretty underpopulated world but a lot of nice people(xps 3k, idols 150g, chests 12-15k)

asc is top clan that can kill all but necro(killed on old engine just not new), kudos is second but cant really kill anything besides dl

this should be movd to danu section though

Re: Player ratings!

Categories Most friendly: monina chatter box: diablo Server clown: edogg Most helpfull: trystin Most honest: rocksteady Class ratings best warrior: masters/quin Best Mage: rocksteady or maldor Best rouge: lady/tryst Best druid: gollums is best active one Best Ranger: sock/kurby/smeag Overall Best P...

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