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Re: Free sever is better :o (its the gelebron sunday topic)

« People that know they are important, think about others. People that think they are important, think about themselves » Hans F. Hansen I believe you could make sure your needs don’t become greed, because in the end, it fails the greedy. And yea, we are good on our own, we do not need your advice. ;)

Re: How old were you?

I think it was around September 2012, I was 14. One day my brother downloaded CH, he wanted me to look it out but I refused. Like 2 weeks later, he asked me again to give it a chance, I said okay. I made an account and only then he would tell me it’s in English… (I speak French). At first, I wasn’t ...

Re: Opinions on Epona! Good world?

Epona is a great server :) It is full of anarchy and tranquility. Blood feuds might get you exiled and/or blacklisted but, like life, you determine the blueprint! You can stay underground and go solo, or go adventuring with your friends like one of the Goonies from the big screen! It is possible to...

Re: i quit

Vraiment ?! Tu pars ? … c’est dommage ça. J’espère que tu reviendras.
Prends soin de toi :)

Re: Favorite momories of CH

Meeting friends! ofc
First trip at Otherworld ,
Hitting lvl 100 and 150,
Playing hide and seek with some friends and hide into glitches :3
And the more important one… having fun instead of lvling :D

I agree with Tuna :/ I’m myself surprised by...how fast some ppl lvl these days.

- Dia

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