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Selling fashion, offhands.

Let's see let's see. I'm currently raiding my old accounts to see what I have, and will update accordingly. The fashion I have right now is: Full Blue Lanrik - minus hat. Black Spirit Charm An aggy focus book/ 150 foc offhand Royal Silverweb rings of Ice Shards, Pummel, Longshot Comrak's Stonebark S...

Re: Info about herne

KinkyRobert wrote:- Most played class is rogue for sure, and less played class is druid, although there is an abundance of ranger and mage dl stuff too.

Hes lying! Serethem is hoarding them all!

Re: Fake

I believe that guy was going by the name LoveMage or something like that.

Re: Ebola Catastrophy

Also, by closing off Africa, we are leaving the African countries to fend off the virus by themselves. American aid for Ebola, to me, is more geared for monetary value, but also to try and keep the disease out of the US. Near Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc. Lies numerous countries whose resources are ex...

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