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Re: epona login issues

Bt kill is a litlle before 2nd bt pot wears off, in average. Yes chance of winning a seed is 1/100, but other drops are class specific, so higher chance there. Even If we roll against 200, the rule stays, thats what people wanted, get level and gear requirements, and you can participate on raids and...

Re: epona login issues

Because of huge population , Epona is hitting the server limitations during end game raids. You need to login earlier and prepare for the raid If you Dont want to Miss it. We are doing a 100 man BT and lot more still like you cant login to join.


Once you set foot at Epona s heroes landing, that toon can do and experience the while game. From farming oats upto farming dhino regularly. Even banned toons, they can start a new toon, and play again, nobody Will know unless you wanted them too. Thats How simple it is. You will feel that it is Rea...

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