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Re: Gelebron's eldritch scourge

What about santuary. I'm not sure on how strong the skill is at max level but maybe it's worth a try never seen max sanctuary protect more then 1.1k at max lvl. vulture, how often is this skill cast? i havent been able to test as much as i would like. I'm not too sure as I did not time it, when we ...

Re: lagging

i feel like this has something to do with daylight savings possibly, with the addition of the world time. also when i try and use items it says i cant use for another 1600 seconds

Re: lagging

The lag is absolutely terrible, i change maps and ley = crash. Use my keyboard to much = severe lag and eventual crash, I'm in an area with more then 10 people attacking a boss = device lag gradually gets worse for 10 minutes and then crash. Had some problems but nothing like this before Samhain. T...

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