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Re: Merry F-ing Christmas

Lol, I have been killing everyone apart from void, inf and recently chosenfew for months now but ive always chosen to spare you, I guess im just sick of you saying not to kill BF and we neutral and playing both sides to suit yourself. Just join res and get it over with if you wish to do so, you dont...


The mounts are super rare, I opened 1400 chests approx and I only got an 80% nightflyer. I know its nice not to swamp the server with rare mounts but 1400 chest and only one mount seams a bit more than bad luck. The last event was the same I opened nearer 2000 chests and I got 3 80% basic mounts. I ...

Re: Reseting bosses

LOL, I told them i was taking a call on the phone, where is the pictures of the 20 mins before that where 5 individuals in your clan could not wash one guy operating 3 devices out the arena?

Regards, Fraser

Re: Reseting bosses

Sadly the only people you can blame are OTM, the reset point has been there since the start of U4 and look how many times the server has been down for repairs since then. I think now OTM don't want to remove it and i consider it now part of the game, removing it now would be like removing the abilit...

Re: Giveaway

Both theobjective and alienonmars are band new accounts, if you look at alienonmars post history he tells you hes the invisible. Now i dont really care if he is or if he isn't but either way alienonmars is a lier. The sad thing thing is there is some lower levels in the game that have their hopes sh...

Re: Giveaway

I told you all this post was a joke, this person is clearly whining you all up.

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