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Re: Platinum prices

Bit of a shocker eh?
Apparently the price hike applies to all app store purchases in UK, Russia, Turkey and India. I think Apple must be running out of coin and needed a bit extra beer money for the weekend.

Re: Server Population

Part of the reason for Arawn's popularity is the success of the clan Resurgence. Many people have transferred and want a slice of the action. There is a lot of wealth on Arawn due to this, but beware if you consider a transfer here. The scammers know where the gold is and also have flocked to Arawn.

Re: 175 Druid leveling help

Hi Tsunami. I also have a 175 druid in exactly the same predicament. I have recently stopped solo levelling and have decided to wait until I can get grouping opportunities. I was using Lightning, Vines, Stinging swarm, Roots and enough Natures touch to keep me alive. In and around the despoiler room...

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